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Our goal is to assist you through the medical billing process. Our Billing Office will prepare and file your insurance claim for you based on the information you provide us. To process your claim correctly, it is essential that you provide us with accurate and complete insurance information. Bringing your current insurance cards to each visit will help us keep current with your coverage. Please check with your insurance company if you have any questions regarding health care coverage and benefits.

Upstate Cardiology is currently considered to be an in-network provider for most insurance plans except out-of-state Medicaid and some United Healthcare products. To verify whether or not we participate with your plan, please contact your insurance carrier. For questions concerning your account, please call our billing department at (585)343-3205.

In cases of Medicare, Medicaid, PPO and HMO plans to which we belong, we file as a courtesy on your behalf. Medical insurance is ultimately a contract between the patient and his/her insurance company. It is the patient's responsibility to monitor the processing and payment of claims. After payment or a non-response from the insurance carrier, the outstanding balance becomes the patient's responsibility. Co-pays are due and payable at the time of the visit. If you have a financial hardship, please advise us at the time of registration. There may be payment plans or alternate sources of assistance available.

Insurance is an important part of your health care.
A monthly payment plan can be arranged to assist with any balances.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

We are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health insurance coverage.

Please bring your insurance cards with you to your appointment; we will make a copy for our records. If you have any insurance changes, please tell the receptionist upon arrival.

Many health insurances require an insurance referral. This will come from your primary care physician. We appreciate receiving the referral two days prior to your appointment. Please call your primary care physician to confirm that a referral has been sent.

Patients are required, per their insurance company, to pay their copay when the visit is complete. You will find this information on your health insurance card.

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